Negotiation NumberNegotiation TypeTitleOpen DateClose DateAward DateDetails
16364,1RFQIFB 16364-Furnish and Deliver Detectable Tape22-MAY-2020 14:41:5901-JUN-2020 23:59:00
16417RFQIFB 16417: Pump Maintenance, Repair and Installation Services12-MAY-2020 11:41:2202-JUN-2020 23:59:00
16418RFQIFB 16218: High Voltage Electrical Services12-MAY-2020 14:40:0604-JUN-2020 23:59:00
16413,3RFQBT6351A17: Gracefield Road Water Main Replacement27-MAY-2020 12:55:4805-JUN-2020 23:59:00
16439,2RFQIFB for BT6243A17 - Marlboro Pike 16 Inch Water Main Replacement29-MAY-2020 15:13:1509-JUN-2020 23:59:00
16428,3RFQIFB for AC6932A20 - Area Water and Sewer House Connection Construction22-MAY-2020 10:01:0111-JUN-2020 23:59:00
16455,1RFQIFB for BR6248A17 - Edgewood Water Main Replacement29-MAY-2020 15:25:4815-JUN-2020 23:59:00
16361RFQRFP 16361 Retiree Pension and Payroll System19-MAY-2020 16:34:2818-JUN-2020 23:59:59
16465RFQST. CLAIR 16" WATER MAIN REPLACEMENT29-MAY-2020 21:48:5319-JUN-2020 09:58:14
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